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Win Some Lose Some


I’ve spent most of the week (okay, most of the last few weeks) feeling like this. I foresee this feeling getting worse before the end of the week, given that Husband and I haven’t talked in 48 hours. I sense a huge fight coming up soon. He seems to think that he can give me the silent treatment until he “wins,” because I’m always the first one to cave. But, I’m not going to cave this time. I know I am right about this problem: something has to change – and he needs to accept that (whatever that change may be).

At least I got this cute, cuddly little guy from my secret Santa at my resident Christmas party today. He had a Starbucks card tucked under his wing, too. I guess I can enjoy a delicious peppermint mocha and then get into bed with him tonight to share some cuddles.


Win some, lose some, I guess.

4 thoughts on “Win Some Lose Some

  1. Could you maybe reach out to an ED association in your city, one that offers support for loved ones? I know that back home, the person doesn’t have to be involved with the association for a loved one to seek support. Maybe they could give you both support and some advice.


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