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Christmas Cookies For Breakfast

Yes, that’s right. I’m eating cookies for breakfast. It is also 6:00am and I’m sitting in the surgery lounge waiting to start work. Yay!
I had a busy “Christmas” prep weekend and didn’t get a chance to come by and blog. I feel so very behind! Hopefully I can catch up at some point this week…
Some of my adventures this weekend involved Husband’s work Christmas dinner – which, of course, required me to buy a new sweater!

I also had to assemble 7 gifts for Husband’s “staff” at the last minute (more about that later). I threw together some chocolates, cookies, home made nuts and caramels, and included some bath and body work soaps… They were well liked!

And of course, there was a lot of obligatory Christmas Shopping (but not enough wrapping!
Happy “Week Before Christmas!”

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