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Christmas Caramel

Last year I ventured into the realm of candy making during the Christmas baking season. I bought a trusty candy thermometer and made about 15 batches of caramel to get it to the right “hardness”. After all that work, I didn’t even write down the final temperature! It didn’t matter anyway, because now that I’m in a new city (with a new altitude), it’s all a new guessing game.

Last night I decided to give the caramel a try:




The problem with starting the caramel making process at 9:30 is that you don’t finish until… Yes, 11:00. I commissioned my husband to help with the consistency testing, and I’m confident that we got it right the first time. (And of course, I took note of the temperature, but forgot to write it down… Maybe 239*). This morning I gave the pan a feel and it feels just soft enough. Tomorrow I’ll cut them up and hopefully they are perfect!

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