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Peacefully Settled

Tonight I am feeling settled and oddly at peace.

I cannot thank you all – my blogging friends and readers – enough for the support you’ve given me recently while I endure my internal struggles and strife.  The most impactful and appreciative aspect of the support I have here is the honesty with which you all offer your advice.  So often we hear the advice that we want to hear, and it isn’t always what we need to hear.

While I’m not completely content with everything, I think I’ve realized that there is no reason why it has to be black or white – one way or the other.  There is a whole area of in-between that I need to open up to.  That just means I need to give up some control and some certainty.  I think it is possible to take care of myself, without completely walking away.  It’s just going to take some time to figure out where the right place is going to be.

I can put myself first without completely sacrificing the other relationships that are important.
I can’t be in control of what happens beyond that.
I can take one day at a time and do what feels right in that moment.
It will be what it will be… and that’s okay (I guess).

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