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Countdown is On!

It is officially December!  And for many of us, that means a countdown: A countdown until Christmas, a countdown until the New Year, and/or a countdown to a new beginning.  I know it is all of these things for me (although maybe not a new beginning – I’ve had enough of those lately).

Last night I kicked off my Christmas baking season with Butter Tarts, Cherry-white-chocolate shortbread, and ginger snaps (all at my husband’s request).  I’m hoping to bake a few times a week until Christmas (we’ll see).  This weekend I started my Christmas shopping, and today I finished it during my “lunch break” (thank-you Amazon) – for all except stocking stuffers, of course.  Christmas really is my favorite time of the year, even if it is stressful, creates work, and exacerbates family tension.  The past few years I’ve been trying harder to just “let it be” and enjoy the beauty of the season.

While I am counting down until Christmas, I am also counting down to the END of 2014.  Aside from graduating medical school, there has been very little else remarkable about this year.  So while I might not be expecting a new beginning, I’m hoping the arrival of the New Year will be a surrogate for “closing the book” on this past year of struggle.  If you’ve missed my adventures from this past year, you’re in luck: I’m going to take time this month to look back over some of the prominent moments (and blog posts) from this past year.  As much as it might be torture (to relive some of these moments), I’m hoping it will help me realize some of the great parts of my year and give me a different perspective on some of the not-so-great moments as I head into January.

7 thoughts on “Countdown is On!

  1. I am also ready for 2014 to draw to a close and I like thinking of the end as “a surrogate for “closing the book” on this past year of struggle.”. Amen, sister. 2015 really MUST be a better year. Also, kudos to you for keeping up with NaBloPoMo. I really enjoyed your entries. 🙂


    1. I’m sure if I really thought about it, I could think of things that could make 2015 a worse year, but I won’t go there. 2015 has to have better things in store for me! It must! Also, I’m glad you enjoyed my November posts.


    1. Yes! It can’t come fast enough. I just hope I don’t wake up on Jan 1 and feel like I was expecting something miraculous to happen (because I know it’s not really like that)

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