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Day 25: Waterslides!

“You can’t be that kid standing at the top of the waterslide, overthinking it.  You have to go down the chute.”
~Tina Fey

I really like Tina Fey.  That might be the reason I was inclined to pick this quotation.
I also really enjoy waterslides, especially those ones that you go down on inner tubes and they have all the little splash pools along the way.  I don’t ever remember being “that Kid” who got to the top of the slide and was afraid to go down.  I always embraced the moment and I’d get set up as soon as the last person went down: I’d grab the bar or the sides of the jets and prepare to propel myself down the first dip as soon as I got the okay from the disgruntled pool worker.  There must have been a time, however, when I was a little scared, or unsure, or hesitant.  I must have been very young though – because I don’t remember it.  If it did happen, I was young, and it was all new.  I’m allowed to be uncertain when something is new, right?

While I might not overthink my watersliding tendencies, I won’t deny that I am an overthinker in general (does that come as a surprise?).  So when the waterslide is actually a metaphor for life, it makes sense that I am completely guilty of overthinking my tendencies.  I wouldn’t say that overthinking actually makes the decision any easier, or the ride andy more enjoyable, but at least it gives me a sense of control and the impression that I’ve considered all the possible outcomes.  It is no wonder, then, that I am having difficulty making it down this particular waterslide smoothly.  I didn’t really get a chance to overthink it too much because some big bully kid just pushed me down, and now I’m eeking my way down with my hands and feet planted firmly along the sides.

What’s worse is that the other kids are just coming down.  They don’t care that I’m holding everything up.  Some of them are crashing into me, some are trampling over me, some are causing me to lose my grip, and some are buidling up against me, as if I’m a dam.  Sadly, I’m not holding up very well – and maybe that’s a good thing.  Because really, when is a dam ever a good thing on a waterslide?

Even though I’m not standing at the top anymore, I’m still much closer to the top than the bottom.  Sadly, I worry that one of those kids may have taken part of my swim suit with them when they passed me: I am feeling a little more naked and vulnerable now than I have before.  Maybe it’s time for me to take Tina Fey’s advice and just go down the chute.  Hopefully no one will notice my nakedness once I get into the pool at the bottom…

6 thoughts on “Day 25: Waterslides!

  1. Maybe they just took the shirt you were wearing over your swimsuit to guard yourself, so you only feel naked but you are going to be OK after all.

    Or something like that. Hopefully you know what I mean. ((Hugs))


  2. First of all, you just made me really miss waterslides haha.

    Second of all, I am the biggest overthinker in the world. BUT the problem is, usually what I’m overthinking turns out to be right!!! ARGH. So that doesn’t help. I could rant on this but I’m not being very coherent and maybe it’s an idea for my own post haha.


    1. I once read a book about women who think too much… Clearly it didnt help me with my problem. I have really been trying to enjoy the ride a little more

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