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Poor Choices

I went to the cafeteria to buy soup for lunch. I left the cafeteria with a platter of Chinese food. Pretty poor food choice, especially for someone who can’t run right now.
At least I snagged two fortune cookies! (But I’m not even sure if that was a good choice either, given the fortunes)
I predict that my choice to run on a possible stress fracture while I am post call tomorrow might also be a poor choice. However, I’ve got to make up for the Chinese food somehow, don’t I?

I know they are just “fortune cookie” fortunes, but why do they always have a way of making me think about my life?  Why? WHY?


6 thoughts on “Poor Choices

  1. I think that top fortune has an error. I always say “Why do today what you can put off until tomorrow?” This applies to dieting, chores, etc. 😛


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