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Even my foot is stressed

I’m stressed, it’s no secret. When I’m stressed I like to run. I can tell when it’s been a while since I’ve run because I get grumpy, and irritable, and I feel “chubby” (much like I am today). I haven’t run in 5 days and I really miss it. Unfortunately, my stress has (quite literally) invaded and affected every bone in my body… Including the first metatarsal on my left foot.
I likely have a stress fracture in my left foot. After the last three times I’ve gone running, my foot has been excruciatingly sore, particularly over the area of my first metatarsal. The day after I run I can barely put weight on the medial side of my foot without causing pain. The last time I “tried” to run, I ended up cutting it short and attempted to walk the remainder of my time, but even that was too irritating. And so, I haven’t run in 5 days.
I was going to try and run this evening because my foot hasn’t been too sore over the weekend. However, we went for a family walk earlier and I played a little tag with the kids, and that quickly reproduced my pain. I then made the sad choice to stay off the treadmill for another night. I’m waiting to have a bone scan done to know for sure if it is a stress fracture because if it is, I need to take a definite 4 week break from heavy impact exercise. If I don’t, I run the risk of developing a complete fracture. I’m really hoping that the bone scan comes up negative though, so that I can get back to the exercise and stop feeling so lazy (and grumpy and irritable and chubby).

8 thoughts on “Even my foot is stressed

  1. I have had that (from wearing my heels all day!!!) and it was acute flare up of a 1st metatarsophalangeal arthritis – old woman’s disease 😦 well, at least it wasn’t gout!!! Hope it gets better.


  2. Oh no! I hope it isn’t a fracture, I know what you get from the running, mentally and physically. That would be a bummer (for want of a better term).


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