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Day 8: Sing a Song

“He started to sing as he tackled the thing that couldn’t be done,
and he did it”

~Edgar A. Guest

Hi Ho, Hi Ho, It’s off to work we go! Image Source:

Do you ever notice how quickly time goes by when you’re listening to music or singing a song in your head?  Even mundane things that I hate seem to pass by more quickly if I’ve got a tune in my ear (like running, for instance).  You might be interested to know that a fair number of surgeons will play music in the OR while they are operating.  In my opinion it sure makes the OR a much more fun place to be (and I like surgery to begin with)!

Organic chemistry was the only class in University that I ever truly hated.  This mostly due to the fact that I didn’t quite understand it and I always struggled with it.  It was also the only time in my entire academic career that I needed a tutor.  I remember going into the final exam knowing that I had to get a passing mark on the exam in order to pass the course.  I was nervous for a week – I even saw my tutor twice that week.  I showed up to the exam with a song stuck in my head.  I don’t remember what song it was, but I do remember settling into my seat singing along to it in my head.  As I sang, I set up my little molecule model set, lined up my pencils and erasers, and waited for the exam.  Throughout the whole exam I just sang this song over and over.  I read the questions, drew my pictures, played with models, and then chose my answer… over and over and over.  Suddenly I was done the exam.  I didn’t even feel stressed.  I didn’t even look it over.  I packed up, handed in the exam and left the room 3 hours later still humming along silently in my head.  I ended up getting my highest mark ever in organic chemistry on that exam.  It might have been the tutor… but I like to think it was because I had that song!

Music is powerful, in so many ways.  Maybe the secret to success is to always be singing a tune, even when you don’t feel like singing.  Maybe that’s why the seven dwarfs sang all the way to work, and all through the day and then even on their way home.  There’s got to be something to it!

Do you have a song that gets you going or motivates you to work?  I think I need to expand my repertoire!

8 thoughts on “Day 8: Sing a Song

  1. If I have the office to myself and I am filing and doing all that kind of thing, I listen to something with heavy guitar (heavy metal, hard rock) or heavy bass (funkadelic type).

    Now, your post title has me singing that song by “Earth, Wind and Fire”. A very good example of “sing/listen while you work” music 🙂


    1. Nice… I find repetitive work like filing is very amenable to “singing while you work.” Surgery is like that too, I think. Especially routine surgeries like appies and gallbladders…


  2. My current favourite is Superheroes by The Script. It motivates me and also gives me more compassion for my patients. Speaking of which, you should check out the music video, it’s set in Soweto, the largest South African township. And while we’re on awesome music with awesome music videos set in South Africa, also check out Sigma’s Somebody to Love 🙂


  3. I used to listen to Eminem’s “Lose Yourself” near the end of a long run. It was easy to push through the last few minutes to that. Then, when I finished, I’d play the Superman theme song as my reward. It brought back so many memories of comic book shop visits with my Mom, and of all the daydreams I had about becoming a superhero crime fighter myself.

    “Have It All” by Jeremy Kay (off the Scrubs soundtrack) is something I use to keep going a lot. It’s not exactly peppy, but it gets me in a frame of mind to believe anything is possible.

    Yesterday, strangely, I played “Let It Go” a half-dozen times in the car. I’ve enjoyed listening to language CDs on my newly long commutes, but I was so freakin’ burnt out from it. “Let It Go” was just the reset I needed.

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