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Day 2: The Gift

The gift, which was my inspiration for my NaBloPoMo theme, is currently on it’s way to being deliveIMG_4717_2red.  I had a friend from medical school staying with me for the past two weeks while she was here doing an elective and I asked her to hand-deliver the gift as a “payment” for staying with me.  I hope it makes it to the final IMG_4718destination tomorrow!

I certainly had a great time putting it together – nothing like a little craft time to get the mind off of other stuff.  I had this idea to make my own wrapping paper out of brown kraft paper and an owl stamp.  I chose a blue colour ink because I thought it would go well with the month of “November” (you know, because it’s cold outside, and cold = blue… or something like that).  I completed the look with blue twine-like string and blue gift tags.  All the gifts inside of the bigger box are wrapped in the same wrapping paper with the same twine and tags.  The only gift I didn’t wrap was the very first gift – a ceramic owl mug – because I thought it would add a nice touch to the visual presentation when the box was opened.

I know that the gift will be a surprise, but what I’m hoping will be the best surprise is that it is a hand-delivered gift from a friend who is so far away… very unexpected 🙂

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