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My Plan for NaBloPoMo

I recently came up with this idea to put together a series of cards and small gifts for K.  To be honest, I am actually copying what she did for me when I first moved.  The motivation for the project is both similar to hers, but also different: I’m sure her motivation was to give me something to look forward to every day as I transitioned into residency.  My motivation, however, is to give her some encouragement and a few laughs – because who doesn’t need that?  I have a little personal motivation to it as well: I’m hoping that by offering her encouragement and daily motivation, I can do it for myself as well.  I know that healing is a process, but after my realization last week, I’ve become more aware of the fact that I have to work harder at just being “okay.”  I should also mention that there is also a theme to the gifts… Owls!  (Mostly because I love owls and wanted an excuse to buy a bunch of cute owl stuff)

The project for K involves a card with a quote for every day, as well as a few words based on either the quote, a memory, or just something to laugh at.  There are some gifts, but not one for everyday.  As I was reading through some of the quotes I picked, I realized that some of them brought up thoughts and emotions that I wish I could elaborate on more.  Some (okay, most) of the things I want to elaborate on might defeat the purpose of the cards because they are mostly my own emotional sh*t, and probably rather depressing.  Talking about them would probably be better for me that for her.  So while I wouldn’t mind talking to her about it, the cards aren’t the place for it.  For that reason, I decided to extend my project onto my blog for NaBloPoMo.

The Project: Each day of November I will post the quote I chose here on the blog and I will use it as the inspiration for my post.  I may or may not relate it back to what I said in my card to K.  I figure my little project might have a multifactorial effect: it will allow me to elaborate on what I would like to say about the quote, it will offer me some therapeutic benefit (I think), and it will motivate me to complete NaBloPoMo during my current blogging drought.  Oh, and I should probably mention that on the first day of the project I will invite K to come to my blog and follow along.*

*I actually invited K to read my blog months ago, before I moved away.  She was asking me about it and I knew she was curious.  I gave her the blog address and told her that I would be happy with her to read my blog, since most of what I was nervous about her reading went into the book I gave her.  At the time she decided that, given the fact that my blog was my anonymous sanctuary, she would not read it at that time.  I’m not sure if she has ever come to it since then.

The project for K won’t actually start until November 3 because the package won’t be delivered by then.  But I will be starting the NaBloPoMo project on time!  Stay tuned!

3 thoughts on “My Plan for NaBloPoMo

  1. What a great idea to incorporate a few things at once but in a way that makes sense and not overwhelming.

    Owls are awesome 🙂


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