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Two Years of The Giraffe

Two years ago I wrote my first blog post on The Gentle Giraffe. What a difference two years makes!
My first year of blogging was huge and saw me through the challenge of coming to terms my history of abuse as well as establishing a healthy mentoring relationship.
My second year of blogging was instrumental in continuing and advancing my mentorship/friendship and it witnessed the biggest and most unexpected change in my life his far.
I am still heavily affected by the events highlighted in my last year of blogging. As such, I foresee my third year of blogging invoke a lot of working through and overcoming everything involved in my move and the beginning of residency. I guess we’ll see how it all plays out!
I’m hoping to participate in another year of NaBloPoMo next month – I’ve been finding it difficult to blog everyday, but hopefully I can complete it for a third year!

Thanks for following The Gentle Giraffe!

5 thoughts on “Two Years of The Giraffe

  1. I’m a newish follower. I wanted to wish you a happy anniversary. blogging can be so theraputic cant it? Its been a great release for me. If you feel like it feel free to check out my blog. Yours is cool. I love it. xoxo


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