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The Downer Days

Every once in a while I have a day when I am “just down.”

That’s it.  Down.

I feel stupid, unmotivated, lonely, incompetent, uninterested, and generally unhappy with my life.

I wonder if I’m doing the right things in life.  I question whether I made the right decisions, if I’ve trusted the right people, and if I’m ever going to feel truly happy.

I wish I had someone to hug me and comfort me and be supportive or helpful.  But I feel like I have no one.  And, I don’t even really know what I would need to feel comforted and supported.

Mostly I just feel confused, and lost, and helpless.

The worst part (if there is a “worst part”) is that I don’t know how these days come to be – I don’t know what triggers me to feel this way.  Or, maybe I do know, but I know it’s just stupid.  Or maybe it’s just a culmination of everything that I feel is wrong in my life.

I wish I knew how to fix things.

I wish I knew how to stop having these downer kind of days.

11 thoughts on “The Downer Days

  1. I have them as well. I wish I had any insight into stopping them, but I just try to take a little comfort in knowing they do pass.


  2. I have days like that too, where I even question the point of my even being alive. And like you said, one of the most frustrating parts about it is that there is no rhyme or reason to the feeling. I can deal a lot better when I know what’s causing it.


    1. Seems like when you know what’s causing it, you can get out of the funk. It’s when it makes no sense and it feels like there is no end that is the worst!


  3. I wish I knew what to say to help. I know when I have those days, I don’t know what I want, but then I want everything (hugs, reassurance, rest, ice cream).

    ((HUGS)) are all I have for now.


  4. I have these too and I don`t often know why. It just comes on, but I notice they tend to follow really great days. Days where I was happy, confident, and genreally impressed the overall quality of my life.

    Then, the next day or a few days later, I feel the exact opposite. Like you said – stupid, lonely, unmotivated. I yearn for hugs or for someone just to tell me to hold on, it will be okay, but no one does. Then I feel isolated, friendless and unloved on top of it all.

    I don`t know what to say to help. I can only tell you that you`re not alone and I know and understand exactly that you`re saying. I tend to just allow myself to `have`these days and tell myself they`ll pass. They usually do, even if it takes a few days.

    You`re not stupid or any of the negative adjectives you listed above by the way. You`re just a human being trying to live in a world that is becoming less and less human by the second.


  5. Sometimes I just don’t resist. I accept the fact I’m going to be in a funk for a while. It’s like quicksand sometimes: the more you fight, the deeper you get sucked in. This isn’t always the best course though, ha.


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