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Multitasking Extraordinaire

How much multi-tasking can you do?

I have multiple goals today and am, therefore, multi-tasking to the max.
1. I am scrubbing for 6 c-sections today.
2. Here (for some reason), the surgeons are obsessed with 2-handed ties. They don’t really teach these in medical school (and no one in my last program ever used them). If you don’t know how to two hand tie, most docs won’t let you suture anything in the OR. So, I am practicing 2-handed ties, especially with my non-dominant hand … I got them down with my dominant hand.
3. I am 20,000+ steps behind K on our fitbit step challenge. I am usually in the lead, so being this far behind is hard for me to handle. I am also at my lowest 7 day step total ever. So I am trying to walk laps around this rather small hospital to get my steps up. This is especially important given that I will accumulate no steps while standing in the OR for 6 surgeries.
4. I am trying to get my life in order… Like fax off our nanny application forms. Send in A’s referral forms for development assessment, and drink lots of coffee to stay awake.

So, here’s what m day looks like:




7 thoughts on “Multitasking Extraordinaire

    1. Thanks! Owls are the best. Fitbit is also the best… Sure is motivating on days like this when I’m not moving around a lot!


    1. The visors are just from the OR – I keep the purple rim because I never find purple ones, but I often have to pillage the stock room for the visor refills.


  1. Love the scrub cap! And I don’t know the difference between a two-handed tie and the hand-tying that I do haha. Surgeons are weird.

    How’s the nanny working out for you? Any better?


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