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When is it time to let go?
Of a time? Or a place? Or a person? Or a dream?

When do you decide if holding on is more painful than letting go?
When is it time to stop putting in the effort?
When do you accept that goodbye is inevitable?
When is it okay to be angry? Or to blame? Or to mourn? Or to cry?

How do you know when it’s time?


10 thoughts on “When?

  1. I wish I knew the answers, but this:

    “When is it okay to be angry? Or to blame? Or to mourn? Or to cry?”

    Anytime. If anything, that may bring you closer to an answer.

    ((hugs)) and luck to you


  2. Oh god I wish I knew. Sometimes I think I am over something but there will be a reminder in my house, a knickknack or some such thing and it comes flooding back. If it was a huge part of your life to begin with I’m not sure it’s ever really possible to let go completely.


    1. I know what you mean – I go through that with things from years and years ago. I worry that this time it will be even harder


  3. Beautiful words and thoughts. Just what I needed to hear today, too. I’ve been struggling with some really big disappointments. Your words reminded me to get out of my bubble and put my things into perspective. And your words reminded me that it’s okay to mourn what was and what will never be. It’s so hard though.

    Thank you for being so honest and open about your journey. I learn so much from you.



    1. Sometimes it’s just a little bit easier to know that other people are going through it too. Not that it makes it easier to accept :(. Hugs to you too!


  4. It seems strange that after all this time spent away from the blogosphere, this is the first post I open. It was like hearing the echoes of the screams in my mind.
    Miss you CG. Hope you’re in a good place and know that the answers will come soon (at least that’s what I tell myself).


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