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Autumn’s Reminder

The brilliant colours are attractive
The cool air, soothing.
Autumn speaks to me in a way that no other season does.
I only wish it was here for longer.
The beauty is ephemeral and will be gone in mere days.
Bright leaves will blanket the ground leaving bare, shivering branches.
The colours on the ground will fade to a dry and crispy brown.
Then the winter will come.

But in the meantime,
there is a richness that reveals raw splendour and serenity
and I can’t let it pass me by.
I have to believe that it all exists, even for such a short time
to remind me that life bleeds passion,
and pours out its innermost mystery
in preparation for the coldest and darkest hours of life.

10 thoughts on “Autumn’s Reminder

  1. Absolutely gorgeous!! I feel like I’m going to catch a tiny bit of autumn this year, which makes me sad. I don’t think the leaves will have changed much here in New York before I fly off to New Zealand and Australia. And of course, it’ll be summer there.

    Bummer, because I completely agree with you – autumn speaks to me.


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