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That Crazy Lady

Yesterday I finished work a little bit early (the only upside to being on CCU) and on my way home I decided to walk and pick up the boys instead of the usual rush. On normal days, I get to the daycare between 5:30 and 6:00 and the boys are cranky the moment we get I to the car. Since I had the time, I figured I would spice things up a bit, drop the car off at home, and walk to pick up the boys. There was the added bonus with this plan that I would get some extra steps on my fitbit (which has seriously been hurting since I started this new rotation).

The only problem with my plan is that I had to walk the approximately 2K to the daycare with an empty stroller… Okay, not quite empty… It did have a water bottle in in :). Of course, though, I passed by quite a few people at 5pm on a Tuesday afternoon – all of whom either averted their gaze or else gave me the once over. Who in their right might would walk around pushing an empty stroller?!? A huge part of me wished I could pass by all those people a little later – with my kids, of course!


5 thoughts on “That Crazy Lady

  1. OK, that was kind of funny only because I would be the type who would have to explain to everyone along the way why it was empty “gonna get the kid”, “off to get the kid”, “here I go to get the kid” etc. 🙂


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