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Goals of the week

I have to say that participating in the Building Rome challenge has been an interesting and successful motivating factor in my life these days.  I know the goals aren’t anything too big, but just knowing that I wrote them down somewhere makes me feel a little more accountable to myself.  Some weeks I do a pretty good job of meeting my goals and other weeks are a little more of a challenge.  However, it doesn’t change the fact that I’m at least thinking about them more often.

Last week was a little bit hit and miss:

1. Run 3 times – I didn’t do this.  I was feeling really sick and gross for most of the week (see #2) and so I only managed to run twice: Monday and Sunday.

2. Make appointment/visit my doctor to discuss anxiety meds – I definitely did this.  It was very stressful and actually quite a horrible experience (see my last post).  I started on cipralex (escitalopram) and it did not go well at all.  Every day I felt like I was experiencing a new side effect and my mind just felt like it was moving slower and slower every day.  Monday I woke up and felt like I couldn’t remember hos to shower, and driving was extra stressful because I felt like I had to work so hard just to make sure I was being safe.  I went back to the dr. and switched to cymbalta (duloxetine), which I have tried successfully in the past.  So far I am already feeling better.  Hopefully this is a good solution.

3. Blog at least 3 times – Check!  I greatly miss the days when I could blog every day.  I long for those days again.  But alas – I don’t think they will return any time soon 😦

4. Have more patience with my kids – Hmmm.  This I’m not super sure about.  I think I was definitely feeling less irritable, but I was just feeling less of everything in general (except nauseous – there was plenty of that feeling).  I know it is pretty subjective, but maybe I did a better job that usual.

For this week, I am feeling a little uninspired, but I’ll do my best:

1. Run 3 times (this will happen again, I swear!)
2. Wean myself off of round-the-clock anti-emetics (zofran and gravol)
3. Start my third owl cross-stitch for K (I wanted to have it done for our run in September, but I don’t think that will happen)
4. stay caught up on my 30-day ab challenge (which is getting increasingly difficult these days)

4 thoughts on “Goals of the week

  1. So glad you were able to get in to the doctor and get that sorted. Getting the right meds is such a tough thing. I am hoping my wellbutrin goes well. Health by far is the most important thing. It sounds like you have some good goals planned this week. 🙂

    Btw, I love what you say at the beginning. That is how it is for me too. Some weeks I do better, some weeks I don’t, but I am much more mindful of my goals and accomplishing more than without. 🙂


  2. Good for you for getting into the doctor and getting help. I enjoy reading how your goal setting has been and I’m sure as time goes on you’ll be feeling better and blogging daily again.


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