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She Pooped on my Shoes

I’ve had a lot of “stuff” on my shoes: Blood, amniotic fluid, meconium, vernix… and now I can add poop.  Maternal poop.  I can handle lots of “crap” (pun kind of intended), but poop on my shoes was almost too much… especially considering that I had to finish the end of the delivery and then do some stitching up.  I could kind of smell it, and it was on the back of my mind the whole time.  I guess I need to learn to be less anal (pun, intended?) about these things…

Don’t worry, now they’re clean!

I hate to break it to all you ladies out there, but pooping while you push – it’s more common than you think.  Don’t worry, we’re discrete about it: if it happens, you’ll most likely never know about it.  It’s not too often, however, that the poop lands on the floor.  (And landing on the floor would be okay… I was just unlucky enough to have my foot in the wrong place).

I guess it’s a small price to pay for being the one to help bring her baby into the world.  The new moms are always so gracious and thankful and the whole experience always makes up for the time I spend cleaning my shoes at the end of the delivery.  Even this time.

Let me just say: Thank goodness for Cavi-Wipes!



13 thoughts on “She Pooped on my Shoes

  1. Ooooooh. I’ve seen my fair share of “pooping while you push” but I’ve never been unfortunate enough to have it land on my shoes. Guess now I know why so many of the OBs I worked with wore gumboots to work, though…


      1. Haha, never mind ugly, they’re pretty uncomfortable – at least the garden variety (see what I did there).
        There are some nicer gumboots that come at a price, but would one really want them pooped on? I dunno.


      1. Without a doubt! Although the nurse had to come in and catch me because I started to faint. I wasn’t yet quite up to the task unassisted. The next shower, though, I was able to do all by myself.


  2. Haha amazing. I hope that poor mom never realized what happened; I’m sure she would’ve been mortified. But you’re right – we’re pretty discrete about the pooping!


  3. I delivered vaginally with my son, and I can honestly say that pooping during delivery was one of the biggest fears I had going into it. No worries on that the second time around, since I had a c-section, even though the lack of modesty delivering this way was rather disappointing.


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