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Fitbit Doesn’t Lie

I love my fitbit! It tells me everything I ever need to know about my daily activities and keeps me motivated when I’m feeling a little lazy. Before I started residency, my daily step goal was 10,000 steps per day. Since starting, however, I haven’t really had a problem with that goal (even on weekends when I have to try and keep up with my kids in my sleep deprived state). These are my fitbit logs from the last 2 days:

On Monday I was the gyne resident, which meant that I was running around between many units on different floors of the hospital taking care of lots if ward issues. My step count for that day was impressive, but the stairs count: 54 flights!
Yesterday I was the low-risk obstetrics resident. All the obstetrics units are on the same floor, so the stair count was lower, but there is a lot of walking back and forth, and running to deliver babies. I also forced myself to go for a run last night (thank-you building rome challenge). I was completely shocked to see my step count yesterday was over 28,000 steps!

Holy steps Batman!

12 thoughts on “Fitbit Doesn’t Lie

    1. It’s pretty cool… It’s not just the actual numbers that keeps me motivated, but the competition with other people who have fitbit too 🙂


  1. Wow! I keep thinking about getting a Fitbit and this really makes me want to look into it more. I never count what I do at work as activity, but all that running around (mind you, I definitely don’t do as much as a busy gyne ward resident), adds up. Interesting.


    1. I am a huge advocate for fitbit and I am trying to convince everyone I know to get one! Although, I gave one to my sister and she doesn’t even wear it! I feel like asking for it back to give to someone else!!!


    1. Yeah, on the days when I’m off work or I am sitting/standing in the OR, I am amazed how hard it is to get up to 10,000 steps!


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