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Building Rome as a Resident

The time has arrived: This week I start residency.  That means that this week’s Building Rome challenge will focus on goals related to the beginning of this new chapter in my life.

Before we get to those, though, let me review last week’s goals:

1. Run at least 4 days
Well, almost made this goal complete – I only ran three times this past week.  However, yesterday’s run was extra long – 10K!

2. Find one thing each day that I like about my new City/Home
I’m not sure if I found one thing each day, but I did try to think of more of the things that I like.  I already mentioned the river valley, but I like that I have an IKEA in my city, and I like that there are way more shopping malls and interesting stores.  I also love my washer and dryer, and the fact that they are on the second floor of my house.  I’m sure there are some other things that I’ve thought of through the week, but I may have forgotten them 🙂

3. Read a bedtime story to the boys each night
I did read a bedtime story to the boys every night except for the last 2 nights, while we were away visiting my mom in another city – they spent their bedtimes being out to sleep by my mom

4. Take some time everyday for myself to relax
I think I did a pretty good job of doing this.  I probably didn’t take time every day, but I did go for three runs, took two bubble baths, and gave myself a pedicure – That’s pretty close to something everyday, I think.

Goals for this new week:

1. Start my job with an open mind and be ready to learn and embrace.
I know this isn’t a very tangible goal.  However, I was a little caught off guard with how sad I was about being in a new hospital and new department when I was at my site tour this week.  I am still mourning the loss of what I wanted back in “the old life,” so it’s hard to be ready to move on.

2. Bring all my own food/snacks from home – pack a lunch, and only spend money on coffee.

3. Have more patience with my kids.

4. Run 4 times.

I think the goals for this week will be a pretty big challenge, especially considering that I am starting a new job, I am on call the first night, and I am sure I will be tired, grumpy, uncertain, and scared out of my mind!

Wish me luck!

6 thoughts on “Building Rome as a Resident

  1. The very best of luck to you! I hope you meet wonderful co-workers, and are made to feel very welcomed. And I hope the burdens aren’t too great to begin with. I know you’re smart and will cope with what the job throws at you. Oh, and don’t forget to have patience with yourself as well as your kids. 🙂


  2. AHHH good luck tomorrow/Wednesday!! It’s bound to be overwhelming and scary at first, but you’ll settle in soon enough. Great goals, too. (Bringing food from home is key.)


  3. I was so sad as I started residency, I felt terrified by how little I knew and missed my old life. I felt like I had chopped off big pieces of who I was (leaving a city I called home, a boyfriend, a research project) while I struggled to grow into a sense of myself as a physician in a new hospital in a new town. I started to regrow the limbs I chopped off, while realizing that I am happiest in an academic medical center in an urban setting. I discovered that the whole residency thing is not, surprisingly, permanent. I was one of the 10% of residents in the United States who switched programs at the end of my first year. And in an environment that suited me better, I stopped feeling like a lopsided starfish and thrived.


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