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High Heel Packing

You know what makes packing *marginally* better? Wearing high heels. Okay, maybe not the actual “wearing” of the high heels, but the fact that I’m walking around my house amidst all the boxes and chaos wearing patent leather heels.

I’m not crazy or anything, but I NEVER wear heeled shoes and I just bought my first pair of them (these ones) yesterday. Heels generally hurt my feet and my back and I’m not a very “fashionable” type of lady, so I’ve never really had a good reason to invest in high heel shoes. I plan to wear them to my graduation ceremony and banquet on Friday, so I figured I needed to break them in a little and get used to walking in then. What better way to do this than to wear them while I pack!?!

Husband is a little grumpy that I’m “ruining” the hardwood floors. I say “ha! I’m no ruining them! They’re hard!” And if I am ruining then, well, they’re not my floors anymore! Double HA! I threatened husband and told him that I’d take my clothes off and pack in high heels and underwear, but he liked that idea less… (Well, he liked it, but for the wrong reasons…) I think every time he comes into the kitchen he is secretly hoping that I’ve followed through on my threat… It’s fun!


9 thoughts on “High Heel Packing

  1. I had a vision of “Mad Men”, wearing heels and a nice dress while supervising the packing. While sipping a martini. 🙂


    1. Thanks! The truth is that these are 1″ heels. Probably not even considered heels… I do t do high heels very well either 😉


  2. Love the shoes! Very classy and perfect for graduation. 🙂 I’m 100% not a high heeled person, but the rare time I have a pair on, I feel extremely fancy haha.


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