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4 Years a Mommy

Today A. turns four.  It is hard for me to believe that I have been his mommy – a mommy – for four years.  It seems like it’s not possible and there are still days where I don’t really feel like a mom at all.  It’s like I have never fully accepted that at part of my own identity.  Who knows… maybe it takes 5 years?

imageYesterday we had his “Monsters” birthday party and I don’t think we could have asked for a better day!  The excitement started in the morning when A. walked down the stairs to find his “Special Monsters Cake” waiting for him on the kitchen table.  I think he OOhh-ed and AAhh-ed for 10 minutes while he looked at it from every angle.  It sure made my hours of work the night before suddenly seem worth it!  Apparently, in addition to an awesome cake, the only other thing you need to make a 4-year-old birthday the best is a 40in “Mike Wasowski” helium balloon.  A. thought his birthday started when the Mike came out – never mind when we got the pool set up and all the guest started arriving!

imageI was worried that A’s party was going to be a sad time for me, as I gathered together with all my friends whom I’ll be leaving behind when we move.  I tried my hardest to push that thought to the back of my head and enjoy the moment.  With beautiful weather, delicious food, happy children, and great company, it wasn’t hard at all for me to enjoy myself.  I think, if anything, A’s 4th birthday party will always be a little extra special because it will always represent the last time I got to spend some great time with my great friends and family here.

As we celebrate A’s “real birthday” today (he won’t let us forget that), I hope that my boy realizes how special he is to his mom!  He has certainly become a one-of-a-kind, interesting, funny, strange, entertaining, and very loveable little man.


9 thoughts on “4 Years a Mommy

  1. Happy Birthday to A! I’m so glad the party went well, and I am so impressed by the cake. Great job! I think I’ve tried to comment three times this weekend but blogs apparently hate me. Anyway, my little boy turns 5 tomorrow and I’m in shock!


  2. I can’t remember if you moderate or if wordpress hates me or if I have done something to offend (paranoia!!), so maybe 4th time will be the charm 🙂 Happy Birthday to A and I am seriously impressed by that cake. Great job! So glad the party went well too. D turns 5 tomorrow & I am not ready.


    1. How frustrating! These were in my Spam folder! I don’t know what WordPress’s problem is… obviously you are not spam! I guess I need to check it more often! Happy Belated birthday to D! I hope you guys had a great day!


      1. I googled it thoroughly & it looks like it may have been an issue w/ the Askimet spam protection. They say it is fixed, so we’ll see. It definitely wasn’t only your blog although I discovered it in trying to comment in yours. Ugh! Technology! I’m just glad to know the comment did go somewhere LOL.

        Thx! He had a great day & we’ll have a bigger party on Sunday!


  3. That cake is actually amazing. I’m so jealous of your mad skills. Happy birthday to your little man! I’m glad you enjoyed your time with friends & family. 🙂


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