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Right Motivation

I have been sick with an upper respiratory tract infection for 5 days now.  For some reason the usual dose of pseudoephedrine has not been working on me. So, between my plugged up nose and my extremely sore throat (add mouth breathing to worsen that) I haven’t been sleeping very well for the past few nights.  Despite going to sleep at 8pm last night and sleeping for almost 12 hours (broken, of course), I was still feeling extremely exhausted this morning.

As I was drinking my coffee and catching up on social media, I was debating whether I should suck it up and go for a run, or just lay low on my couch and do some cross-stitiching.  In the middle of my mental debate, I got an unexpected text message from K – among other things, she asked me how I was doing.  I told her about my little mental debate, to which she replied:

“well if you run – then it will guilt ME into running later.”

Boom. Motivation to run.

I replied and told her I would make certain that the guilt was in place.  I got all dressed up in my running gear and headed out.  I had plans to meet with husband for lunch so I thought I would just run to meet him at the university (with the intention that he would drive me home).  As I was running, I came up with a ” semi-brilliant” idea: I would run past the hospital (which is right next to campus) and wave at K through her office window – just to give her a little bit more running guilt motivation to run tonight.  Unfortunately she must have been busy working when I got there, but I took a picture for her anyway 🙂

Me recovering from my run while sitting outside of K’s office window

This is what running buddies do, right? They motivate each other to run, even when they don’t really want to?  It’s the right motivation… if you ask me


8 thoughts on “Right Motivation

    1. Thanks! I love them too! They are a special edition so I don’t think there are many of them out there!


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