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T-minus 4 to 4

In 4 days, my not-so-little boy turns 4.  We are planning a big birthday BBQ for him with all our friends and neighbours whom we will soon be leaving behind.  Hopefully this birthday weekend will be more of a celebration than a reminder of everything I’m leaving in a few weeks.

We are planning to have a Monster’s University Theme – with a Monster’s cake, decorations, balloons… everything.  I know he would have preferred a Minion theme, because that’s what he’s really into right now, but I was very hard pressed to find minion decorations and I am just not talented enough to bake a minion cake!

With 4 days to the real birthday, and 3 days until the party, I decided it was time to get started on the prep work.  This morning I mixed up two batched of chocolate fudge batter to make 4-layers for the cake and 24 mini-cupcakes for school and daycare.  That’s a lot of cake!  Now I just have to get off my lazy bum and package them up properly for the freezer!

More party updates to come!

5 thoughts on “T-minus 4 to 4

    1. Thanks! I really like both movies. MU is quite funny because it’s not so much about scaring as it is about how Mike and Sully become friends. I highly recommend it!


    1. Thanks! We had a great party today – i will have to blog about it later! You should definitely see the movie!


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