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Nutter Butter Breakfast

One of me and Husband’s favorite things to do when we go down to the US is to gawk at all the amazingly delicious treats/snacks/chips/chocolate/pop (soda) etc. stuff that is not available in Canada.  We do our best to only select a few things each to try while we are down there. My husband’s top contenders: Funyuns and spray cheese.

My top contender: Nutter Butters.

I will never understand why something as delicious as Nutter Butter is not available in Canada (as well as different flavours of Fresca, which I discovered for the first time on this trip).  There is only one organization to blame: either Health Canada, or Nabisco.  Why a company as big as Nabisco, who also produces Oreos and Chips Ahoy (which ARE available in Canada), would choose to not stock one of their products in Canada is beyond me.  They are a greedy company and they want to make money – maybe it is a tax thing???  So, I am more likely inclined to blame Health Canada (our equivalent of the FDA).  I am always stymied by the decisions Health Canada makes regarding what they will allow or not allow into the country.  For example, we do not get any MIO water flavours that contain propylene glycol because Canada doesn’t consider it “food safe.” Whatever.

Anyway, back to the Nutter Butters.  I love them.  There is nothing more delicious than peanut butter sandwiched between 2 graham crackers.  Seriously.

20140527-090335-32615260.jpgI stock up on them whenever I go down south and then I enjoy a little Nutter Butter feast for the few weeks after I am home.  That is why today’s breakfast prominently features… you guessed it: Nutter Butter!


9 thoughts on “Nutter Butter Breakfast

  1. Ooh. I haven’t had Nutter Butter but when I go to the States I also pig out on things we don’t have in South Africa. Those include Reeses-everything and Hershey’s Kisses. Absolute BEST! And then those cool white-chocolate-covered oreos? Oh oh and Starbucks even though I’m not supposed to have coffee. AND Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream.
    I need to plan a trip to the States somehow. But also Canada because I miss it for entirely different reasons.


    1. So, so good. I could probably come home with a suitcase full of junk food that we don’t have here – If I had the space!


  2. It’s funny what we Americans take for granted. But we also love to shop when we come to Canada too!


    1. I can’t imagine that you guys would like to shop up here! I mean, the exchange rate isn’t that great in your favour and I always thought that prices were higher here!


      1. There’s some stuff that’s cheaper. Where we live, Montreal is our closest city, so there’s a lot there that we can’t get here in Vermont, or for less money. And ikea is there. 😉


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