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Calling Canadian Physician Moms!

There are some pretty amazing Medicine and Motherhood blogs out there in the blogsphere these days.  I know I have read more than my share of them and they sure are helpful, funny, and encouraging.  What I’ve noticed, however, is that most (if not all) of the blogs I’ve read are written by American mom/physicians.  While that doesn’t change how wonderful and amazing those blogs are, there are just so many differences between the way things are done in America vs. in Canada and it makes it hard to really relate.

“You didn’t take a full year maternity leave after you had your baby!?” (Insert gasps and shameful condescending looks here)

I’m sure this is something that most American mom/physicians have never heard or been criticized for, given that the standard mat leave south of the border is 12-13 weeks…

And, what about the differences in training between the two countries? Differences in health care access and delivery? Differences in roles of physicians?  Are there even differences in the expectations of professional moms between the countries? (That I don’t really know about).  Regardless, there are enough differences, I think.  Maybe there should be more blogs about Canadian Physician Moms – some that more of us can relate to.

Despite being physicians and moms, we are also just women who are trying to live our own fruitful and rewarding lives in the midst of all the chaos that comes with the roles we have chosen.  We’re crazy, but we love it… and we survive.

If you’re a mom (or mom-to-be), and
if you’re a physician, or a resident, or a medical student, and
you live in Canada, and
(most importantly) you’ve said to yourself on more than one occasion: “I should write a book about my life,”
Then maybe it’s time to consider joining a collaborative blog!

Think about it and let me know in the comments or in an email if you’d be interested in participating!

5 thoughts on “Calling Canadian Physician Moms!

  1. Reblogged this on The Urban Dr. Mom and commented:
    I am re-blogging this to gain some traction.
    The Cranky Giraffe is a wonderful female newly-annointed physician blogger who is looking to start a Canadian Physician Moms blog. Please visit her site if you are interested in joining us!


    1. Well, up here we count surgeons under the larger umbrella of physicians! Actually, I’ll be joining you on the dark side myself!


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