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I’m back!

I’m back from vacation… Which means I need a new vacation to recover. I came home on Friday and I’ve been laying low since then. I love my kids, but being with them constantly, for 10 days straight, is exhausting. Mommy was happy to send them to daycare this morning.

Coming home has also resulted in a wave of emotions engulfing me in a way that I didn’t expect. While I was gone I was able to leave all my anxieties, feelings of disappointment, inadequacies, etc here. They came to my mind every once in a while but being away from home and in the hot sun made it easy for me to push them away. When I stepped back into my house, however, everything was waiting for me just where I left it. I’ve been doing my best over the weekend to not let them get me too down, but there are times where I feel like it is a losing battle. Only 3 weeks until I move. I don’t want to believe it, yet I need to get out of here more than I could ever know.

Despite all the negative crap, I did run my 10K with K yesterday. We made pretty good time, clocking in at just over 1:05. While I felt like I was holding back at times, it was a wonderful and amazing experience for me and I am so happy to have shared it with K. At the end of the race she thanked me for motivating her and said she would have never even registered for the race if it wasn’t for me. That made me feel great!

This weekend I also managed to finish the first cross-stitch in my set of three. The three are supposed to be a gift for K (and I had ordered them before I decided to give her the book). I know I won’t finish the other two before I leave (maybe one of them) so I’m not sure if I should give her one (or two if the second one is done) and tell her that they are part of a set, if I should just give her the ones that are done and leave it at that, or if I should just wait until sometime in the future and give all of them to her at once. Or, maybe the book is enough…

In my post-vacation slump, I have been trolling around WP but I haven’t been in a mood to blog. Hopefully this will change in the next few days – and, maybe forcing myself to write this update today will get me back into the mood. Either way, I do feel like a part of me is missing when I’m not blogging regularly. Here’s to hoping that I’ll be back strong in the next few days.

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