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Dear WordPress,

Thank-you for letting me know what your priorities are. I really love how you have divided up the “WordPress daily press” posts into about 5 different posts from different editors. Now my reader is bombarded with stories and tips that are only marginally interesting to me. What I love the most is how all of these WordPress posts seem to take priority over the posts of my blogging friends, who’s posts don’t always show up in my reader. I care way more about reading other blogger’s blogs than I do about reading your blogging tips. I’m sorry if that hurts your feelings.
On a related note: since you don’t do a very good job of showing me what my friends blog about, I get the impression that they don’t always see what I blog about. Sure, I blog for myself, but I also blog because I want to share my life with other people. When those people don’t get to see what I’m up to, well, it kind of defeats the purpose a little, doesn’t it? Really, what’s the point of blog if when no one else gets to see it?

Let me recap: I want to read my blogger friends’ blogs. I want them to read my blogs. I don’t care as much about what WordPress things will make my blog better. Please stop screwing up the reader. In fact, why don’t you fix it?

A Very Cranky Giraffe

12 thoughts on “Dear WordPress,

  1. You could also unfollow the daily posts, right? While that wouldn’t gaurantee that the right posts would be showing up in your reader at least you wouldn’t have to waste space on the WP stuff…


    1. Yeah, I plan on doing that. It just started this week. But, sometimes I do enjoy reading some of the things they suggest… Just not 5x the volume…


      1. I’m following so many blogs at this point, their posts usually get lost in the mix when I’m scrolling through my reader…
        But, you could always just bookmark their page in your web browser, so, when you feel like popping in to see what they are doing you can pull it up. View them on your own terms.


  2. I ended up moving almost everyone I follow to email notification (Daily Post was not one of those) because of reader issues. I was being told I wasn’t showing up, but when I realized that I was missing some critical posts about friends, then I took action. It’s a lot of emails, but at least now I don’t miss anyone.


    1. I thought about doing that, but I don’t have wordpress linked to my primary email adress (because God knows I already get enough emails there) and I am really, really bad at checking my wordpress-affiliated email… Maybe that makes me a bad blogger…


      1. Oh not at all. I think it is perfectly normal to think that the Reader that WP gives us to read other WP blogs should work. 🙂 You’ve got a lot going on now anyway, you’ll figure it out soon enough.


  3. After they changed the reader last year I switched to and I’ve never looked back. I have to keep checking back at the freshly pressed (I should keep reading them if I want to BE freshly pressed at all…) but otherwise, it’s bliss!


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