It’s a Day for Running

The weather is final smartening up here.  For the past week or so I’ve been waking up to find snow on the ground with continued rani/snow throughout the day.  I have been doing a great job of “training” either indoors on my treadmill or (more recently) outside.  Unfortunately, using my treadmill is not my favorite way to run so after the first time I ran outside, I’ve had incredible difficulty being motivated to run inside again.

With such crappy weather, it has been hard to get outside for those runs.  I won’t even complain about the temperature, because K and I did our first 10K train together a few weeks ago when it was -1C… it wasn’t bad at all.  What does really suck, is running the the ran/snow/slush/puddles/ice etc.  Now that the sun is out today, I have no excuses!

Well, maybe I have one excuse – I have had this horrible sinus cold for almost 2 weeks now.  In Friday I ran another 10K with K (on an inside track) and afterwards I felt horrible for two days.  Then, last night I was up very late at night feeling sick (I don’t know what kind of sick – just lots of waves of nausea/heat/chills) and this morning I still don’t feel “quite right.”  I think I am going to take a nap and hopefully I will wake up in a few hours feeling a little more refreshed.

Then I can go for a fun!

2 thoughts on “It’s a Day for Running

  1. I just took up running too. I’m doing the C25K so I’m nowhere near 10k yet. I kinda chickened out of my run last night because it’d been raining and I figured running on wet ground wouldn’t be so much fun.


    1. Thats okay, I went for my run yesterday and had to bail at 3.25K. Some days are just not meant for running, regardless of what we think 😦


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