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The Last Day (Kind of…)

Thursday is supposed to be my last day of Medical School.  However, we needed to hand in our final rotation evaluations by today so after my preceptor filled it in, she basically told me to take the rest of the week off.  So, aside from my rotation exam on Thursday (and then my little medical licensing exam in 2 weeks), I am technically done Medical School!  Today!  image

The next time I ever have to use this, I will have Dr. in front of my name… Kind of hard to believe.

I know I’ve spent the last few weeks complaining about how unlucky I have been and how down I am and how unfair my life has been. But the reality is that I am fortunate and lucky to have everything that I do in my life.  I have spent the last week really trying to reflect on the “good things” in my life – the things I should be grateful for – and it started after I posted my grumpy post from last week.  I told you all about the beautiful house I found in the new city we are moving to, and I realized that I should be thankful that I am in the financial position to be able to buy such a wonderful house for me and my family.  So, on this last day of medical school, I will share with you my list of gratitude:

I am grateful for…

… the financial stability to provide for my family.

… a healthy body that allows me to exercise and stay fit.

… the ability and motivation to reach my goals (because I am…)

… friends who are supportive of me (and who run 10K with me on cold Sunday mornings)

… healthy children

… a husband who loves me, respects me, and supports me (most of the time).

… the opportunity to train and work in a job that I love (even if it’s not where I want to do it…)

… the privilege of playing a meaningful and impactful role in the lives of many different people.

So, on this last day of my formal medical school training, I can say that in the grand scheme of things, my life is quite wonderful.



13 thoughts on “The Last Day (Kind of…)

      1. Daaaang girl! That was my hardest rotation of med school. I have nothing but respect for ya! I couldn’t do it, but I guess that’s why there’s a specialty for all of us. I matched into internal medicine and am 99.9% sure I’ll do a fellowship in oncology.


        1. Oh God… Internal?!? Kill me! Glad you want to do it, because I sure never, ever could!


  1. Congratulations Dr!!!! Enjoy this time with your family. July 1st will be here all too soon. I have enjoyed following you on your journey and look forward to your posts on this next phase of your life.


    1. Thanks! I know the next two months are going to fly by. It’s going to be an emotional roller coaster as I pack up my life and wrap up this chapter. And since I’ll have nothing else to do, I’ll sure have lots of time to blog about it!


      1. Looking forward to it! I remember those 7 weeks off, I went to Greece for 3 of them and it was AMAZING! It was hard to start to “work” after that much time off.


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