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Grumpy Giraffe

This morning I woke up grumpy.

I am too grumpy to eat, I am too grumpy to talk, in fact, I am too grumpy to walk…

Okay, maybe I’m not that grumpy… (I’ve just read “Grumpy Bird” one too many times).

My New House
My New House

I really wish I knew what is was that makes us wake up “on the wrong side of the bed…”  I’d be lying if I said that life hasn’t been stressful lately.  The last month has, quite literally, been a horrible roller coaster – truly with more downs than ups.  Over the past few days, husband and I took a road trip to the new city we are moving to and we bought a house.  It is a beautiful house and I am super excited about “the house” but that’s about it.  It was good to be back in my home province, but I was not excited about moving there.  I didn’t want to come home, mostly because it was just going to be a reminder that I have to leave behind this life that I’ve made for myself here.  I was happy when I was back yesterday, but today… I just don’t know what my problem is.  I can’t even think of one thing that will make less grumpy.

Maybe it’s because I’ve been missing from blogging lately?  Hmm… maybe that’s it.  I guess I better get back to reading everyone’s blog!  I’ll let you know if I find something that makes me less grumpy today.

Is there anything you do to cheer yourself up when you wake-up grumpy?

10 thoughts on “Grumpy Giraffe

  1. It is a beautiful house, but I understand the grumpiness.

    Music has to be my sure for everything, either silly songs I wouldn’t normally admit to owning, or just hard rock to head-bang and play air guitar and drums to.



    1. I often forget about how well music can cheer me up. I wish I had more time to listen to music. I should just make time, right. If I could figure out how to make time, I would be T-H-E richest person in the whole world! Imagine!


    1. Mmmm… I had lots of coffee today… And a peanut butter cookie from Starbucks… What an excellent way to waste 400 calories!


    1. I certainly have been lacking “me” time lately. Hopefully I can get back to enjoying some of that soon… I did to for a run outside today!


    1. I would love to cross stitch and drink wine. In fact, I just ordered a few new projects that I am going to start working on in a few weeks… After that little licensing exam I write in 3 weeks… Eeek!


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