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Sleeping pills don’t mix with marriage

A few weeks ago, after getting my less-than stellar news, I wasn’t sleeping very well and got a short term prescription for a sleeping pill – zopiclone.

The instructions for this medication is to take it right before you go to bed – and rightfully so – it is considered a hypnotic drug.  Anyway, I took them for a few days to help me sleep and I usually followed the instructions very closely… how hard is it to take a pill and go to sleep?

Well, when you’re married, sometimes going to bed doesn’t always mean “going to bed…” (hint hint… nudge nudge…)

ImageI woke up one morning feeling like I had the strangest, most realistic (yet unrealistic) dream.  I spent most of the morning trying to decide if I was remembering a sexual encounter with my husband the night before, or if I was dreaming it all up.  I was so, so confused!  I remembered everything that happened, right down to the last detail, but for the life of me, I could not decide if it was real or imagined.  How scary!!!

Turns out it was real…  And, although I only show a short part of this conversation, my husband thought it was a very funny situation and continued to tease me about this for quite a while (I just didn’t include it all here, because it’s probably not very “blog appropriate”).

It’s kind of hard to believe that a drug can mess with the brain so much in such a short period of time.  (And I assure you, this whole situation was consentual, even if I was “drugged.”)


4 thoughts on “Sleeping pills don’t mix with marriage

  1. It looks like it falls in the same category of Ambien, so yeah, that makes perfect sense. Unfortunately.


  2. It’s funny because it was harmless in the sense that it was totally consensual and he’s your husband (not some random), but that must’ve been such a strange feeling!! It’s crazy how much a little pill can affect you.


  3. My friend once cooked a meal while on a Stilnox then went back to bed, when she got up in the morning she was like ” oh my god who has been in the kitchen!”


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