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Look Who’s Two!

Today my baby turns two! It’s hard to believe that he’s no longer a baby, really… And, it’s also hard to imagine how much has changed in the last two years, even the last year!

Last year on E’s birthday, I was doing something extremely exciting! It might even be as memorable as the year before (but also because of it significance of the day it happened) Read about it here

While I’ll be spending most of the day preparing for the party tomorrow (I’m planing a penguins theme party), I might try and make this day marginally more exciting by doing some much needed retail shopping! Yes, that should make for a good March 21 this year!

As always, love to send delicious cupcakes to daycare on the actual birthday. For the longest time, I couldn’t decide between an owl theme and a penguin theme, so I compromised and made owl cupcakes and a penguin cake… Stay tuned!


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