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Walking Strong

I woke up sad this morning. I feel like it is a 50/50 chance on how I will feel in the morning. I think it’s because last night we got a conditional sale on our house… Selling our house: one step closer to leaving here.
Yesterday I was excited for the new future and the new possibility. Today I feel sad for the loss of the things I love here. I can’t expect that to just vanish into the background.
But this morning I felt the sadness and I got up anyway. I got ready and left for work. I put in my ear buds and blared the music as I walked to work through the chilly spring air: “I am a champion and you’re gonna hear me roar…” Thanks Katy Perry!
I will get past this, and I will be stronger because of it. I will be great, I just need to get there first.


7 thoughts on “Walking Strong

  1. I am glad you were able to get an offer, though it (understandably) opened that other door to sadness.

    Is that you with the haircut? It looks wonderful!


  2. You went with the haircut! It looks very professional (and lovely). 🙂 Also, I think the sadness is going to become less and less as times goes on, which I’m sure isn’t news to you but doesn’t make it any easier. I’m glad that getting outside – and Katy Perry – helped you feel better! That’s a pretty foolproof combination, haha.


  3. Change is so hard. That song got me through the first awful months of my divorce, and now it’s helping me train for a half marathon. It’s funny to find words of wisdom and inspiration in a Katy Perry song, but obviously her songs work for people!


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