Emotional Baggage

No One Misses The Gallbladder

Imagine doing the things you think you should do, only to find out they were all wrong.  At some point in every day, that’s how I feel.


The logical part of me knows it’s not the case and that’s why I was ranked so high at the program I’m going to.  But it doesn’t explain why I was not wanted here.

I know there were some issues with me because I was “too keen.”  I worked very hard… for many years.  I showed people up, I stepped on some toes, all inadvertently, of course.  I thought I was working hard to impress people, but all I did was piss people off.

So, I’m just like the gallbladder: once it causes you problems, you just cut it out.  And, no one misses it.

8 thoughts on “No One Misses The Gallbladder

  1. Oh my god, I love that cartoon!!!!

    But 😦

    I know it feels like crap, that you weren’t chosen and think you stepped on one-too-many toes and that’s what caused you to fail… that’s what I hated most about the Match. It’s not about that, or shouldn’t be at least.

    Have you considered talking to the program director of O+G where you are now? Perhaps getting some answers might help you move on and say goodbye with a clear conscience?


    1. I guess I should tell you that this is the first time, in probably 10 years, that this program didn’t preferentially rank it’s own students. More than half our residents are from here and there are only 4 spots per year. Last year we had 2 match from here and one spot went unmatched. Everyone who wanted to stay here did. This year is kind if an anomaly… And of course, it’s my year! But it wasn’t just me; my friend also ranked here first and she didn’t get it either.


  2. Aw, you’re not a gallbladder! I wish I had something to say to make you feel better, but honestly, if this program doesn’t want you then good riddance – you’re better off without them. (That’s how I’d feel, anyway!)


    1. Yeah, I’m coming around to that. Every day is different… Today I feel much better, but yesterday (when I wrote this post), I was feeling bad about myself.


  3. That cartoon made me cry a little. For reals.
    I’m sorry. I really don’t think that it is the case though. You are amazing, Cranky, and they missed out big time. I don’t know why you didn’t get your first choice, and maybe you will never know either – but I know that you are going to be AMAZING.
    (P.S: you’re not being yanked out and sent to histology and then to incineration. You’re being transplanted. No gallbladder gets transplanted. The really important organs do.)


    1. You’re so kind! Your last comment really made me laugh! I am the awesome gallbladder who is the exception and is going to an awesome program who like creative and resourceful gallbladders!


  4. But don’t forget, without the gallbladder, eating chocolate cake very swiftly loses its joy 😉

    *hugs!!* Anyone who cuts you out is a ninny.


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