Medical School

10 Things I Learned on Vascular Sugery

1. I really, really want to take care of my feet.

2. I do not like non-healing wounds… at all.

3. I really don’t have as much patience as I should for non-compliant patients.

4. I get very excited about performing ultrasound, even if it is just of vasculature.

5. There will never be anything as cool as watching a patient’s aorta pulsating and knowing that, soon, you will be cutting into it.

6. There are people out there who really love their job, even after 20 years.

7. It is a privilege to be in a line of work where you love coming to do your job every day.

8. I am more confident and capable than I give myself credit for.

9. I am going to love being a surgeon.

10. There is a crochet pattern for an anatomically correct heart.image


7 thoughts on “10 Things I Learned on Vascular Sugery

    1. I don’t know if it falls into a category of right or privilege. I think, perhaps, it’s more of an issue of “choice.” Many people have to work out of necessity and, therefore, have little choice in the job they choose. It makes it kind of difficult when you work day to day to scrape by, versus working every day to support yourself, but actually have the fortune of being in a job that you like. Maybe that’s what you meant in the first place…

      As for compliance: I think there are a few places in medicine when I can excuse compliance, but when it comes to people who just choose not to wear compression stockings, or choose to continue smoking when it’s been advised that they quit, etc. Those things drive me nuts!


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