6 is the new 5

I used to force myself to run 5K whenever I’d go for a run.  That has been my goal since I started into running after E was born.  With my goal to run a 10K in a few months, I figured I needed to up the ante a little and start making some changes to my running regime.  I know that I’m never really “done” after 5K and I figured I had two options: increase my speed or add distance.  I thought for a bit about increasing my speed, but I thought it was maybe a little counter productive to my plan to run 10K, since I really should be working on distance and endurance.

So, I decided to increase the distance.  I now “force” myself to run 6K every time I run.  It really is like forcing myself, sometimes because I have little arguments in my head for the majority of the run about how i should only do 5K or only run for 20 min, or something like that.  Regardless, I have now forced myself to run 6K for the last 5 runs.  Now there is no going back to 5K…

7 thoughts on “6 is the new 5

    1. I know, hey? It’s not that I think the distance is too far, it’s just that I’m lazy and I don’t want to do it! I can’t wait for the weather to get nice enough to run outside and then I can at least have a change of scenery.


    1. Thanks. It’s been kind of hard with my other issues going on… I’ve been so unmotivated, and the running makes the pain worse.


      1. Hmm… that’s actually kind of interesting that running makes the pain worse. I am seriously wondering if you may have sub-acute appendicitis. The bobbing up and down could be aggravating the appendix.


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