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My Thoughtful Child

Last night I sat down with A to fill out his valentines and decorate his valentine cookies for his preschool Valentine’s Day party.  There are 11 other kids in his class so I lined up 11 valentines and one teacher card for him to write his name on.  Of course, there were 32 valentines in the box so there were lots of leftovers.  As he was finishing up the valentines I put in front of him, he looked at me and said: “Mommy, who are we going to give all those other valentines cards to?”

imageI told him that we didn’t need to use them.  He, however, did not like this answer.  He insisted that we had to use them all and give them to “all his friends.”  So, we talked about the friends at his dayhome and we made one for all of them.  We still had some left over.  We made some for our neighbourhood kids and we still had some left over. We made some for K and her kids (even though A has only played with them a handful of times, he thought of them).  There were still some left over, so he made one for “Grandma,” and one for her boyfriend, and one for “Nonna.”  Then with the very last one, he didn’t know who to give it to because he needed one for Mommy and Daddy and his brother E.  I told him it was okay for him to make the last one for all three of us.

So, my not-quite-4-year-old boy sat at the kitchen table for over an hour painstakingly printing his name on 32 valentines cards.  He kept getting so distracted with other things, but he insisted that he had to make one for every single person he knows, because they are all his friends.  And, while he did that, I sat beside him and made sure to make a cookie to go along with each card… because he insisted.  (I was able to convince him, though, that we didn’t need to make a cookie for his grandparents, since they live out of town.)

I have to say, I am very proud of my little man.  It seems like he takes after his mother in this sense, and it sure makes me happy.

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