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Jello is a “Clear Fluid”

There are a lot of strange things that we, in the medical community, consider to be “clear fluid.” It’s important because we often prescribe people to be on a clear fluid (CF) diet. The most common times we do this: during labour, and in preparation for a colonoscopy or gastric scope. As much as labour sucks, at least a CF diet only lasts as long as the labour, and you usually don’t really feel like eating anyway. For a scope prep, however, CF for two days before… And that’s what I’m starting today.

Jello will be my “saving grace.” Other than that, I can drink pulp less juice, tea and coffee with no milk or cream, fat free broth, and clear pop. That’s it. I’ve already had two bowls of jello this morning and I am still hungry. This is going to be a long two days. And the worst part is, I get a camera going through my whole GI tract at the end of it… No cute baby to cuddle. At least I get propofol! Maybe on Thursday I’ll write an ode to that beautiful, beautiful white drug

I won’t even venture to the other horrible part of the “bowel prep” that I start tomorrow. Let’s just say, that while I can work hard to not put anything solid into my body, I also have to make sure everything else comes out of my body. Yay.

Thank God for Jello… (And propofol)

15 thoughts on “Jello is a “Clear Fluid”

  1. I remember popsicles used to be considered clear liquids, but with all the additives now a days maybe not.

    Hope everything goes well for you…


    1. Yes, some Popsicles count, too. However, it is like -40 here, so I can’t imagine wanting to eat a Popsicle now… I’ll stick with tea!


    1. I just had to go to the cafeteria and buy more jello because I left the rest of my jello in the car (since I’m driving to a different hospital before lunch). I am so hungry!


  2. What is Propofol? Is it like Vicodin or something?

    Good luck with your scope! I hope it’s nothing serious and that you find some kind of solution. Sorry for the crappy (no pun intended.. haha) prep work.


    1. Propofol is the stuff that “puts you to sleep” in a surgery. Most places only give you conscious sedation for these types of procedures, but the hospital I goes to gives you the full meal deal!


  3. Trust me – the less you eat now, the happier you’ll be later! Less input, less output… (Sadly, I know this from experience. It’s no fun starving, but it’s no fun pooing all night either! 😉 ) I hope it all goes well – and those cookies you get afterward will be the best darn tasting cookies you will ever eat!


  4. I don’t know what was used to put me to sleep for my colonoscopy, but if I was into drugs – whatever it was would be my drug of choice. What a magnificent sleep it was, and then wide awake with no hangover feeling. I loved it.


  5. Ugh, been there, done that. The ‘bowel prep’ is indeed HORRIBLE. So sorry you’re going through this. Ugh. Sending positive thoughts….enjoy the ‘full meal deal’ and the food on the other end of this experience 😉


  6. I’ve never had it done, but I know I’d get cranky… Before one of my major surgeries, I was so cranky because I hadn’t eaten in over 24 hours (I was 10 at the time)… they FINALLY gave in and gave me red Jell-O (apparently red is okay, but not any other colour). It made me hungrier! Bah! And after surgery, they still wouldn’t give me anything… not even water! I thought I was gonna die! Hahaha!

    I hope it all goes well for you. And just think… the food you get to eat after it will be fantastic! 😉


    1. Thanks! I seriously can’t wait! DH and I have reservations at an amazing Brazilian steakhouse for valentines day! I’m looking forward to that, and hopefully I won’t be too nauseous!


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