“Hitting The Treadmill” Just Isn’t The Same

You know that saying, “hitting the pavement?”  For me, it is extremely applicable to going out for a run when I’m angry.  There is something very stress-relieving about running and if I do it when I’m angry, I almost always feel better.

Since it has been super cold here, I have been running inside on my treadmill. It’s been a while since I’ve set pout to run specifically because I wanted to burn off some anger or frustration, but the other day I needed to do just that.  However, I felt that running on the treadmill didn’t even come close to approximating the experience of “angry running” in the good outdoors.

I always find something extremely soothing about watching my feet hit the pavement hard – it just isn’t the same watching my feet hit the belt of the treadmill.  I find that with “angry running,” I want to run hard and run fast and let my body be in control.  Well, on a treadmill, the pace is set.  I know you can speed it up, but that involves actually thinking about it and pushing the buttons until you get to the speed you want, and then it really loses the effect of “running hard because thats what your body wants.”  Needless to say, I found the whole experience of trying to burn off my anger on the treadmill extremely unsatisfying.

At least I got some exercise though… and I tried.  I’ll just hope that next time I need to burn off my anger, the weather will be nicer.

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