Medical School

5 Days. 5 Cities. 5 Interviews.

Where I live, all post graduate medical programs hold their residency interviews in a three week period. My medical school gives us the full three weeks off of clinical duties to alleviate the stress of all the travelling and planning for interviews.  A while back, when I submitted my applications, I made the decision to only apply to 6 of O&G programs (some people would think this was a bad strategy).  I did this for 3 reasons:
1. I have kids and I live relatively close to my family (who live in another city) and I don’t want to live farther from them, so I wanted to keep my residency options in close proximity to that city.
2.  I really just want to stay in my current city for residency.  I love the program here, I love my mentors here, and while I miss my hometown and I always had the intention to move back there, I am beginning to feel like this new place is my new home (and, you always have the best chance for residency at your home program anyway).
3. I am (in my opinion, and others’ as well, I guess) considered a strong applicant for O&G.  Therefore, I’m not worried about not “matching” to one of the 6 programs that I applied to.

Anyway, of the 6 programs I applied to, I received 5 interviews (I didn’t really want to go to the 6th program anyway, so I’m not too choked up about it).  All of these interviews are one side of the country and, therefore, all close together.  This resulted in me having been on “vacation” for two weeks now. I have yet to have a single interview. That being said, the past two weeks have not been the best two weeks of vacation – nausea (from the yet-undiagnosed abdominal problem), many many appointment (again, for the same problem), and anxiety about my upcoming residency interviews(and dealing with nausea and traveling all at the same time). I have to say, I did a lot of “nothing:”  Some cleaning, some shopping, some crocheting, some reading, some exercising, some napping… probably not as much interview preparation as I should have.  But now, my time is finally here…

Today I am leaving for my “Interview gong-show.”  5 interviews in 5 consecutive days.  7 days of traveling to 5 different cities:  2 bus rides, 4 plane rides, 3 hotels, 10+ taxi rides, and 1 car rental.  A visit with my mom and my best friend in my hometown, a visit with an old friend from university (the early years) in another city, dinner with a fellow O&G applicant in another city, a quick visit with my own children while I’m back home for one night, and all with an average of 20.5 hours between each interview.  Oh, and a quick coffee/playdate/pep-talk/prep session with K this morning at a McDonald’s play place before I head out.  Exhale.

I know I’ll do fine.  As long as I can show up on time, not puke on my interviewers, and manage to look nice all at the same time!  Wish me luck, and if you don’t see me blogging over the next week, you’ll know why!

3 thoughts on “5 Days. 5 Cities. 5 Interviews.

    1. Thanks! I sure hope you’re right. I’m worried that a miniature “mind typhoon” will come and I will suddenly not know what I want!


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