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Getting In The Mood

This year I’ve had some difficulty getting into the Christmas Spirit.  It doesn’t help that I’ve been super stressed out with school up until 3 days ago, and then add on my little abdomen troubles on top of that..  I’m just not really that excited for Christmas.  Up until last week, I was counting down the days to the beginning of my holidays so that I could start my baking and my shopping and assembling my gifts, but when it finally got here, I wasn’t excited for it at all.

Instead of scouring the internet for the newest cookie recipe, I was just thinking about how much work it will be to bake and then clean up everything afterwards.  I forced myself to go to the mall (actually I made DH bring me, since I’m afraid of having an “abdo attack” alone when I’m out) and I went to Bath and Body Works – the only store I needed to go to – and I just wanted to turn around and leave the moment I got in there. This is not the typical “Cranky Giraffe” Christmas spirit!

I’m sure it’s the abdo pain that’s really got me down.  The flares are happening less frequently and I haven’t needed to use narcotics for the last 3 days.  However, I am worried that this might be the beginnings of a chronic process, like Crohn’s disease.  Last week I was dreading the thought that I might need surgery, but now surgery sounds great if it means I don’t have to suffer with a chronic inflammatory bowel disease forever.  Oh well.  I guess I know why I can’t get myself in the mood for Christmas…

Yesterday I tried to get things Christmasy – With the Help of Michael Buble and Faith Hill, I was able to enjoy baking 2 batches of cookies.  Today I am hoping to get some more baking done, finish another Christmas scarf, and hopefully tackle Mnt. Laundry…  We’ll see!  Stay tuned and I’ll post some pictures of my Christmas spirit adventures…

(There, now I have a reason to be excited… I can share all the fun with my fellow bloggers!)

2 thoughts on “Getting In The Mood

  1. I seriously thought we were going to be talking about the “dirty” deed by way of the title.

    As for Christmas spirit, I am right there with ya. It’s a weird year. I hope it comes to you though and if it drops by my place per chance, I will send it your way! 🙂


  2. Sometimes you new to take yourself away from the commercialised idea of Christmas and go to a place where you found the contentment and joy before such as lying with your head under the Christmas tree breathing it in or sitting in a darkened room with only Christmas lights and some tea and just looking out at the stars 🙂


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