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NaBloPoMo Almost Has Me Beat

I have to say, I haven’t been doing a great job at keeping on top of my daily blog posts since I went on vacation.  Coming home, it’s been really difficult, too.  I’ve been catching up with the kids and getting stuff done around the house; because, despite my mother-in-law being in my house for a week, nothing has gotten done in my house.

Laundry was not done.  Floor was not swept.  Groceries were not bought.  Sidewalk was not shovelled.  Garbage was not put out.  But, kids were still alive, so I guess I shouldn’t complain too much.

Maybe I expect too much from my mother-in-law?  Maybe my mom is a little over-the-top when she comes out to “help?”  I know my mom would have done all that stuff I mentioned, and more.  And, she would have been here by herself, not even with her “new boyfriend,” whom I wasn’t even really that comfortable being around my kids in the first place.

I could go on for a while about all the things that I dislike about my mother-in-law, but then this would be just like any other evil mother-in-law post.  Instead, I will leave you with a few pictures and some words to describe them:
IMG_0860I bought this pack of gum a while ago, when I was in Iowa (we don’t have Orbit gum in Canada).  I never got around to opening the gum before I left for Montreal.  So, when I left, the gum was still in its original packaging.  As I was sifting through the mess of my kitchen, I found the package opened, exactly as you see in these pictures.  I initially accused DH of haphazardly opening my gum, like some kind of neanderthal.  I mean, who opens gum like this?


Turns out it wasn’t him.  And, I should have known better, because DH doesn’t even chew gum.  So, who opened the gum?  Who went through a pile of my stuff, found an new, unopened package of gum, ripped open one of the most easy, fool-proof packages (gum is really quite easy to open), and then used almost half of the gum?

I’ll tell you who: My Mother-in-Law.  Yes.  She is THAT kind of person.

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