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In The Wrong Business

One of the last things we did before heading to the airport here in Montreal was to stop at a little cupcake bakery that was near our hotel.  I had walked by it about 50 times while on my vacation and I was determined to stop inside and take a look at their cupcakes and have a try.

I was quite excited to dig into one of the two cupcakes we chose: Coconut lime, and some kind of chocolate bar special (it had kit-kat, skor, and aero bar pieces in the icing).  They even gave us spoons with which to eat the cupcakes (I’ve never eaten a cupcake with a spoon until today).  Anyway, we dug in… and I was less than impressed.

The chocolate cake was a plain box recipe – I don’t even make plain box recipes, and if I do, I at least modify them to make them better.  It was dry and unimpressive.  The cake of the coconut lime was mildly better, having some shredded coconut in the cake to suggest that they possibly made it from a recipe.  The chocolate icing was boring: it wasn’t even buttercream icing.  It’s like they just figured that putting a whole bunch of crunched up chocolate bars on top would make up for crappy icing.  The icing for the coconut lime was actually pretty good: a very nice, limey taste.  But that was the only thing I was impressed by.

And, I paid $3.50 per cupcake!

I’ve never really thought that I was a spectacular baker, and I always feel a little sheepish when other people sing the praises about my baking and my cupcakes.  However, this experience made me believe otherwise.  I could surely (and I routinely do) make much better cupcakes than what I paid for today!

Just the other day I made a batch of 24 cupcakes in the spur of the moment… At $3.50 a cupcake that’s like $85, for a mere 2 hours of my time.  Jeez!  I should start my own business here!  Never mind Medical school (too bad I’m almost done now)!!!  And, the best part would be that I actually really enjoy baking and decorating!  I’ve even been meaning to take a fondant decorating class to become more comfortable with how to use fondant… I’ve just never had the time (probably because med school takes up my whole life).

All this to say, I guess I am actually a really good baker.  And, today may have been the last time I will ever pay to eat a “gourmet” cupcake.

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