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Sweet, Sweet, Melted Cheese


The only thing in this world that is better than cheese… Is melted cheese.

And then you make the cheese something as delicious as goat cheese (or even Brie)… Speechless.

Not speechless because I have no words; speechless because I can possibly talk when there is so much delicious melted cheese to eat in this wonderful city.

Tonight: Chèvre chaud – melted goat cheese on an open faced sandwich. Oh, and poutine for an appetizer.

Last night: Cheese fondue. And don’t forget the French onion soup to start.

Lunch yesterday: Assorted cheese platter, as well as a bowl of French onion soup…

Day before that: Poutine, as well as some kind of delicious wrap filled with… You guessed it, melted cheese (Brie!!!).

And, there is more melted cheese in the days before that. Oh, and don’t forget all the wine to go with that amazing cheese.

I (heart) Montreal.


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