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So So So Relaxed

OMG. Scandinavian Bath House. Ah-mazing.

Those people sure know how to relax. In fact I’m convinced that their sole purpose in life is to relax.

Sit in this hot pool, or this sauna, or this eucalyptus steam room and relax. And then after a quick cold plunge, sit on this ridiculously comfortable chair and relax some more… Then do it again. Then how about a massage? And, you want me to relax Sven more after that? Sure thing!

I won’t lie: it was a real challenge at first to get used to relaxing both my mind and my body. I wanted to think about all the stuff I had to do. I even brought a book to read. But then, I didn’t do any of it. I worked on mindfulness and I just relaxed. Now I feel amazing!

I’m going back on Wednesday night with the hubby to end off our alone vacation… I can’t wait!

Thank for the suggestion, Urban Dr. Mom!


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