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Je Vais À Montreal!


Today I am leaving for my vacation to Montreal!  
I’m tagging along with Mr. CG as he goes to a conference.  This is the first time I am following him to a conference.  He has come with me to a few of my own conferences, and usually in the role of “babysitter” because we’ve brought the kids.  But this time, we aren’t even bringing the kids.  Yes.  That means 5 days of sleeping in, relaxing, hot-tub, exercise (yeah right), shopping, studying (hahaha), poutine time to myself during the day, and then alone time with the hubby in the evening.  5 glorious days.  I will have no commitments at all and I know it will be great.

I know, also, that I will miss my kids.  They are staying home with my mother-in-law, who is coming in from out of town to watch them.  She is also bringing her new boyfriend, whom I’ve only met once.  I won’t lie… I’m kind of nervous.   But, 5 glorious days!  They’ll be okay, right!?!  Yes, Ièm sure they’ll be just fine!

Well, now time to jump on a plane, brush up on my français, and get ready to ingest a record amount of poutine.  I have never been to Montrèal…

5 glorious days!

4 thoughts on “Je Vais À Montreal!

  1. CG,
    Oh… I wished I would have seen this when I should have seen this…
    I hope you had a lovely trip. We would have done coffee…
    Le Clown


    1. Oh, that’s too bad! It would have been nice to meet you and enjoy some coffee! I probably should have let you know I was coming, as well!
      Maybe next time…


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