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Third Time’s a Charm?

Home (Dixie Chicks album)

Tonight I’m off to see The Dixie Chicks.  I’ve seen them twice before (well three times, if you consider the fact that I saw their last show twice), and both times were wrought with nothing but angst.  I mean, the concerts themselves were great; however, the circumstances surrounding the concerts – GONG SHOW.

Let’s go back to 2003… I believe this was still pre-“Dixie Chicks Drama” so it was a super high demand concert (not that that detail changes my story at all).  The tickets went on sale so far in advance and of course you just buy tickets the day they go on sale.  A few months later, I registered to write the MCAT.  And when was the MCAT date?  Well, it happened to be 3 days after the Dixie Chicks concert.  To go or not to go… well, obviously since I’m writing this post, I went to the concert 3 nights before writing the biggest exam of my life (up to that point).  As if that wasn’t stressful enough, two days before the concert I landed myself in the hospital with the worst case of tonsillitis I have ever had.  It was so bad that it required a week’s worth of IV antibiotics.  I spend a night in the hospital and then then went home with an IV in my arm… one day before the concert.  So just imagine me partying it up at the Dixie Chicks concert 3 nights before the MCAT, sporting an IV in my left arm.  Super fun!!!

So maybe you’re thinking that experience wasn’t so bad… Well, let’s check out 2006:

Even though this was post “Dixie Chicks Drama,” they were still as popular as ever in Canada.  So tickets went on sale super far in advance and were in really high demand.  At the time the tickets went on sale, I was still kind of “on-again-off-again” with him.  He bought me a pair of tickets for my birthday.  And, in typical him style, there were pretty expensive tickets.  Anyway, between my birthday and the concert, I definitively ended it with him and started dating S. (my current husband).  I was still talking to him and he said he still wanted to go to the concert with me, so i asked S. if he would mind.  He said he wouldn’t mind (which of course was a lie) and I planned to go to the concert with him.  Well, a week or two before the concert, he found out that I was really dating S. (see, all along he thought that we were just friends and he was hoping to get back together with me) and we had a huge fight, which ended with him telling me he never wanted to see me again (I was ecstatic).  So, I invited S. to come to the concert with me and he was thrilled.

Sure enough, a few nights before the concert he called me and begged for me to forgive him and said that it was really important that he take me to the concert.  This, of course, caused a huge fight between me and him, and me and S.  S. Said he was fine with me going with him (which, again, was a lie) even though he was really excited to go to the concert with me.  It just so happened that a few weeks before the original concert date, The Dixie Chicks opened up another concert date in my city and it occurred to me that the only way I could fix this situation was to buy tickets to the second show and go with both of them.  Needless to say, I didn’t enjoy the first concert because I was there with him.  And, I didn’t really enjoy the second concert because S. was grumpy that I had already seen the concert and he felt like I was only there to appease him.

Now, if that doesn’t sound like a real GONG SHOW, then you’re pretty tough to impress.

Here’s to hoping that tonight’s concert is much much, much more enjoyable that the last ones.  So far, there has been no drama leading up to this concert.  (Knock on wood…)

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