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Breaking Bad Didn’t Break the Exam

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I’ve recently become addicted to Breaking Bad.  I know, I know, I’m a little late catching the boat on this one but in my defense, I have no time to watch TV.  The reason it all started was because my husband and I decided that we needed to find something to “do” together in an attempt to “work on our relationship.”  So, what can you do when you are both students and have 2 young kids and therefore cannot (1) get out of the house often or (2) afford a babysitter to assist in the former?  Well, we decided to start watching a show together.

We sat down in front of the Netflix menu and looked through all the TV series’ that were available.  After much deliberation, we chose Breaking Bad.  We are addicted.  I’d say that we watch 1-2 episodes at least every second night.  Normally this wouldn’t be a problem.  However, I had my pediatrics rotation exam this past week and let’s face it: I don’t need any extra excuses not to study.  So on more evenings than not, after tucking the kids into bed, I opted to sit down on the couch and cuddle up with my husband and the remote control instead of my textbooks like a good medical student really should do.  The night before my exam was no exception.

I’d like to argue that watching Breaking Bad and doing something regular and exciting with my husband (even if it is just watching TV) is somewhat of a stress reliever and helps to make my life a little more tolerable that usual.  That counts for something, right?  That counts for more than knowing stupid little details about medical conditions that I will likely never see in clinical practice (and if I do, there are many resources for me to look it up)?

I think I’m right.  I think Walt would agree.

As it stands, we are at Season 3, Episode 4.  I kind of want to go watch episode 5 right now…

(Oh, and I should probably say that my exam went well and I’m confident that I scored well enough.  See… I got so caught up talking about why I started watching the show that I forgot the point of the post)

2 thoughts on “Breaking Bad Didn’t Break the Exam

  1. Good for you!! My husband and I regularly watch something together after the kids go to bed. Since I’ve been on maternity leave we have finished Dexter, Breaking Bad, are halfway through Weeds and Californication. Yay for Netflix!!!


    1. Nice! I almost want to have another baby for the mat leave (I didn’t take one with the last ones). Too bad that means putting me further behind in training!


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